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If you are a fringe, questioning, ex or former SDA you are in the right place.

*Haystacks is a non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. 


Haystacks Podcast: A podcast for fringe and former Seventh-day Adventists (SDA).  

A place where people see you and get you because co-hosts Bonnie and Rajeev are generational Adventists and were Adventist educators for years.  

Though they have left “the fold,” they still carry some baggage.  

Haystacks Podcast is:
Part recovery, part healing.

Part support, part commiseration.
Part honoring our roots and part venting. 

So grab your haystack and let’s talk!

Some info on Haystacks' co-hosts:

Bonnie and Rajeev meandering in Alpine County.

Currently, Rev. Bonnie Rambob is co-pastor of Parkside Community Church in Sacramento, California.  She’s worked as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ since 2015.  Before that, Bonnie worked as an elementary, middle and high school teacher for fifteen years in SDA schools in Maryland, Virginia and California.

Bonnie offers expertise in multi-faith leadership, the spirituality of children, process theology and church organizational structure.  She co-founded Peace Village San Mateo, a multi-faith, intergenerational peace education camp. Drawing from her fundamentalist Christian background, she co-leads Intersections, support/processing groups for ex-vangelicals and unfundies. She also co-hosts Irenicast, a progressive Christian podcast.

Rajeev states that his life goal has always been to be a spouse and father; "everything else is secondary."  Becoming in ex-Adventist, leaving the Adventist church, was hard but thanks to time and persistence Rajeev has maintained some close friendships with folx who are still SDA. Rajeev often says "I love Adventist people and lots about Adventist culture; it's the theology that's the problem."

Rajeev enjoys thoughtful and provocative conversation over food and drink. He’s a loyal, smart-ass friend who believes in the power of spiritual journeys. He’s a proud feminist, womanist, anti-colonialist, process theology fan and founder of Multivalent Masculinity. 

Rajeev is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and currently serves, with Bonnie, as Co-Pastor at Parkside Community Church in Sacramento, CA.  Past experience: K-12 teacher and principal in SDA schoolsNon-profit executive leadership in homelessness and anti-poverty work.  

Rajeev and Bonnie have two adult children who are intelligent, creative, hilarious and kind.